Pup Toothbrush Brushing Stick

Pup Toothbrush Brushing Stick

Pup Toothbrush Brushing Stick

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Did you know 4 out of 5 dogs suffer from Oral Hygiene Problems by the age of 3?

The Dog brushing stick is a revolutionary way to help clean your Dogs Teeth. 

#1 Issue for DOGS


Use the Dog Brushing Stick with toothpaste to eliminate tartar/plaque and for fresh breath! This can make a healthy gift to help improve your dog's health.

The rubber dental chew allows your dog to clean their own teeth. The intuitive design allows your dog to support the chew with the chew feet and chew instinctively. 


Thank you so much for shopping with us! 10% of proceeds go to several charities to help end the killing of innocent animals in America's shelters.

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