Realistic Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Realistic Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Realistic Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy

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Want To Treat Your Cat?

CAT’S FAVORITES♥ : Realistic Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy combine two of a cat’s favorite things – catnip and fish! The catnip-filled toys are shaped like the fish and are lightweight and perfectly sized to bat and carry. The toy has a strong, aromatic fragrance that stimulates playful behavior. Your cat will get many hours of joy from this durable toy! They will go crazy for Laifug’s Fish Flop toys. NONTOXIC AND TOTAL SAFE: Realistic Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy is always produced without chemicals and pesticides.

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Attract Your Cat's Interest!

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Add Fun for your Kitty, Keep Her on Her Paws

  1. USB Chargeable - chargeable lithium battery saves you the hassle and costs to replace batteries.
  2. Smart Interaction - when your cat touches the fish, it starts wiggling to arouse her interest.
  3. Intelligent Standby - the fish stays put when your kitty is not playing with it.

Infused Catnip

Catnips easily arouse kitty's interest to play, reducing stress and improving appetite.

Fine Workmanship

The fish is realistic and vivid, made of durable cotton plush, safe and non-toxic for your cats.

Washable Fish

The plush fish doll can be washed and replaced. Please be sure to take out the inside motor when washing the toy.

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