Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat

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Pup Safety® Snuffle Mat

Our fun Pup Safety Snuffle Mat is sure to become your dog’s new favorite game, requiring them to use their smell to sniff out treats!

  • Mimics your dogs foraging instincts, just like in the wild
  • Mentally stimulating as dogs have to take their time to find food
  • Keeps both you and your dog entertained!

Looking For a New Way to “Snuff” Out Boredom?

Did you know that mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise to keep your dog healthy and happy? If your pup doesn’t get enough mental stimulation, it can lead to boredom, and next thing you know- they’re looking at your brand new leather shoes as if it’s a chew toy!

Thankfully, there is a natural solution to stop the boredom for good. Instead of trying to tire your dog out with more exercise, a fun game can be one of the best ways to keep their brain engaged and challenged. 

Introducing the Snuffle Mat, Tested & Loved by Dogs Everywhere!

The Snuffle Mat is a simple brain puzzle that appeals to your dog’s natural foraging instinct. Hide their favorite treats among the long strands of fabric, and watch as they use their strong sense of smell to search for the food.

This feeding mechanism forces your dog to slow down while they eat, giving their stomach a chance to digest the food while preventing boredom. It’s the natural way to foster good habits, plus your dog will have a blast digging around for yummy treats!

The fun and healthy way for your dog to feast!

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What You Get With Our Pup Safety® Snuffle Mat...

Non Toxic: All of the materials used are non toxic and safe for dogs to get their snuffle on!

Easy to Use: No assembly required- just bury your dog’s favorite treats deep within the fabric and let them go to town.

Machine Washable: When it’s time to clean the mat, just toss it in your washing machine and hang it up to air dry.

Brain Puzzle: Your dog is physically and mentally stimulated since the Snuffle Mat improves feeding habits and burns energy.

Fun 4 All: Dogs of all ages and sizes can partake in the foraging fun with the Snuffle Mat!

How-to Use Your Pup Safety® Snuffle Mat

Stimulate your dog’s brain and foster proper eating habits.

Place Mat on Any Surface

The mat is made of thick rubber that grips hard floors and prevents slippage while your dog forages.

Hide the Treats

Hide bite-sized treats throughout the fabric pieces. We recommend using treats that have a strong smell, since dogs use their sense of smell to sniff out food.

Foraging Fun

Watch as your dog takes their time to find each treat. Their brain is challenged in a fun way as the food becomes a reward.

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